As consultant to many of the leading scholarly publishers, societies and other organizations dedicated to transferring information among researchers and scholars worldwide, Barbara is committed to constantly evolving best practices in keeping with ever-progressing publishing technologies, processes, and formats.

At the beginning of the assignment, Barbara analyzes your unique situation before assessing how best to use her knowledge and experience to help you achieve your current and future goals. She believes in creating an environment conducive to sustaining increased efficiencies and effectiveness in operations, and works closely with clients to ensure that your staff "buys in" to the plan you develop together. Collaboration throughout the process is paramount to project success. Her aim is to equip your organization to self-sufficiently maintain the improvements and results you achieve together.

Meyers Consulting Services can help you improve procedures, increase efficiencies, and reach your management and publishing objectives. Click here to ask us how we can help you reach your goals.

Services Include:

Business Model Development

Financial Assessment and Planning

Marketing and New Product Research
& Development

Operational and Strategic Planning

Organizational Development and
Executive Search

Publishing Operations Assessments

Publishing Operations Management

RFP Process Management & Contract Negotiations

Seminar Management

Workflow Analysis and Program Audits

Business Model Development—identification of an organization's core competencies to determine necessary actions for achieving future goals. Improvements may entail creating a new infrastructure to both support internal capabilities and manage outsourced functions for better resource allocation.

Financial Assessment and Planning—analysis and creation of built-in market response mechanisms that allow organizations to achieve optimal revenues while effectively and humanely containing costs in an ever-shifting industry.

Marketing and New Product Research & Development—market assessment, research studies, marketing and promotion plans, product launches, and feedback for continued product enhancements and technological improvements for increased functionality.

Operational and Strategic Planning—development of action plans for marketing society-wide products, services, programs or publications, and facilitation of long-range and strategic planning activities with Board of Directors and/or senior staff.

Organizational Development and Executive Search—Staff Assessment, Recruiting, In-house Professional Education in areas such a marketing and research.

Publishing Operations Assessments—audits of specific functional areas such as Knowledge Development, Peer Review, Redactory, Production, Printing, Marketing, Distribution & Fulfillment, and Electronic Publishing.

Publishing Operations Management—assessment of editorial and publishing programs, facilitation of decisionmaking regarding emerging technologies.

RFP Process Management & Contract Negotiations—development of the Request for Proposal, receipt and analysis of proposals and facilitation of contract negotiations with all types of suppliers including recommendations for increased success and efficiency.

Seminar Management—Content Development, Speaker Selection & Coordination, Site Selection & Logistics Coordination, Event Promotion, On-site Management, Moderation & Presentation, Follow-up Contact & Research.

Workflow Analysis and Program Audits—evaluation of efficiencies and effectiveness of workflows, procedures, and processes in specific areas (editorial) or on a broader program or departmental level (education, membership, publishing).

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"Anyone can complain, but to see precisely what is wrong is a gift; accurate diagnosis comes from a unique power of vision and indicates the likelihood of an equally unique capacity to remedy the fault."


"The vital, successful people I have met all had one common characteristic. They had a plan."

Marilyn Van Derbur

"Nothing liberates our greatness like the desire to help, the desire to serve."

Marianne Willaimson

"You are today where your thoughts brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you."

James Allen

"The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them."

Albert Einstein