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Industry Involvement

Barbara has published on a variety of topics—from archiving to appropriate technology to marketing research to financial considerations for global information distribution. Her writing has been featured in a number of journals, newsletters, and other publications. [Note: You'll find those prior to 2007 under her maiden name, Barbara Meyers.]

Recent and major works include:

Impact Factor Joined by Eigenfactor and H-Index
SSP News, 28 October 2007 Barbara Meyers Ford

Publishing Professionals 2.0
SSP News, July 2007

Are Blogs Becoming Mainstream Technology?
SIAM News, November 2005

SSP Issue Status Report on Open Access
SSPnet, Posting Date: July 2004

Metadata Demystified: A Guide For Publishers
Frank Daly, Barbara Meyers, and Amy Brand, NISO Press and The Sheridan Press, 2003

Science Editor, September/October 2002

Explore the World of Professional & Scholarly Publishing
AAP/PSP Division 2002

Marketing Scholarly Journals: From Marketplace to Marketplace
The Sheridan Press White Paper Series, 2001

Marketing Reprints
Beebe and Meyers, The Sheridan Press White Paper Series, 2000

Digital Workflow: Managing the Process Electronically
Beebe and Meyers, The Sheridan Press White Paper Series, 2000

How to Make the Most of Reprints
Beebe and Meyers, The Sheridan Press White Paper Series, 1999

The Unsettled State of Archiving
Beebe and Meyers, The Journal of Electronic Publishing, Vol. 4, April 1999

The Future of the Print Journal
Meyers and Beebe, The Sheridan Press White Paper Series, 1999

Creating Electronic Products: Remember that the "R" in R&D Stands for Research
Cadmus Journal Services Newsletter In Touch, Vol. 3, No. 2, 1998

Outsourcing: Planning for Strategic Partnerships
Beebe and Meyers, The Sheridan Press White Paper Series, 1998

Archiving From a Publisher's Point of View
Beebe and Meyers, The Sheridan Press White Paper Series, 1997

Electronic Publishing: A Brief History and Some Current Activities
Internet Publishing News, December 1997

Electronic Information: Debates in Ownership and Access
Internet Publishing News, November 1997

Exploring the New Media: Migrating Online from Print and CD-ROM—Business and Legal Issues
Internet Publishing News, November 1997

What Do You Feed Precocious Dinosaurs So They'll Stay Healthy?
Library Acquisitions Practice & Theory, Vol. 20, No. 3, 1996

How Much is Too Much to Pay for a Journal?
Optics & Photonics News, November 1993

Pressures on the Process of Scholarly Exchange: The Publisher's Response and Expectations
Issues for the New Decade, Today's Challenge, Tomorrow's Opportunity, G.K. Hall & Co., 1991

How much is that journal on your library's shelf?
Optics & Photonics News, November 1991

Price comparison study of optics periodical literature 1984-1986
Optics News, May 1988

How to Develop a Marketing Plan for Your Society
Allen Press Newsletter, Journal Promotion Series, March 1986

Electronic Publishing: Issues for Resolution
SSP Letter 6:3, June 1984

New Product Development: Can Technique Substitute for Technology?
ASIS Bulletin, June 1984

Planning & Marketing: Modern Technology-Based Information Products & Services
Hamilton and Meyers, -NFAIS Newsletter, Vol. 26, No. 5, October 1984